Designing an Experience

Here at Silver Spoon we design everything that can be designed digitally. Whether it is a website or an app, online ad banner, logo or restaurant menu - we got it all!

Design – (n.) a visual look or a shape given to a certain object, in order to make it more attractive.

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You need to design a website or a new game? Apps or banners? Printable or digital? Bold and colorful or slick and minimal? We can cover all your needs.

From a non-designer’s point of view, the designer’s workflow seems mysterious.
How do they know which font to use? Why do their colors blend so cool? How did you make a poster that is breathtaking?

There are no right or wrong answers in design – this is one of the reasons why design seems to be such a difficult subject.

A good design can be one you don’t notice

Anna Fleischle
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Photo by wu yi on Unsplash
Photo by wu yi on Unsplash
Signs of good design

Is there a focal point in the design?
When writing a book or article, the author tries to introduce something “catchy” into the text in order to attract readers and keep them. In design, the focal point performs the same task. It can be a picture or graphic, a headline or a sentence, or any other text.
As an example, consider this magazine spread. What are we looking at first? For food, right? And all because the design is clearly planned in order to attract the viewer’s attention to food. Thanks to simple, black-and-white typography, bright and clear photos are immediately evident. And if you look closely, you will notice that the text and lines “frame” the photograph, clearly directing our gaze.